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Off-topic / Re: Introduce Yourself Here
« Last post by Admin on July 16, 2018, 11:37:02 PM »

I'm Micheal from Germany! I'm Male! Hope you will welcome me to forum! :)

Welcome Micheal and enjoy your stay.

Feel free to contact me if you ever have questions or need help.  ;)
Off-topic / XCH4NGE - It's time for CH4NGE
« Last post by joshuamichael on July 15, 2018, 07:34:18 AM »
Who are we? – is a new cryptocurrency platform with a difference. Located and registered in the United Kingdom XCH4NGE will provide a platform which permits its users from across the globe to buy, sell, exchange and store their cryptocurrencies.

To become a user, you need to go through the registration process. This process includes providing some information about yourselves. Visit here to register:

Information Required:

Know Your Customer

Registering as a new user? More information is available on our new user registration page and Know Your Customer Page. We also have a special section for miners looking to disclose of currency on a larger scale.

We are currently hard at work finalising the XCH4NGE platform. We will be posting regular updates with progress. To be among the first users to use our new exchange, sign up for email updates.

Buy, sell, trade, store crypto
Facilitate quick transactions
Use an advanced Peer-to-Peer system for buying and selling crypto

Want to learn more about us? Visit here:

Off-topic / Re: Introduce Yourself Here
« Last post by joshuamichael on July 15, 2018, 07:32:43 AM »

I'm Micheal from Germany! I'm Male! Hope you will welcome me to forum! :)
Altcoin Discussion / Leading the Digital Gaming Revolution
« Last post by David on July 08, 2018, 02:15:54 PM »
The Story of Sean Shek and the Realisation of UniGame

UniGame – a sportsbook platform which utilises blockchain technology to revolutionise the online gaming industry.

A visionary with a dream, to revolutionise the global gaming industry. To bridge the barrier between boarders whilst maintaining a level of integrity which is unmatched by the traditional gaming industry. This is his dream.

Sean Shek, CEO and Co-founder of UniGame has been a professional in the online gaming industry for over 20 years.

With a Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering from Hong Kong University and an Executive Masters in Business Administration, Sean Shek chose to negate the idea of joining top IT firms and set his sights towards digitising the global gaming industry.

Having gained 6 years of grass roots experience with many of the world’s leading online gaming company between Hong Kong, Macau and Las Vegas, he decided it was time to consolidate his knowledge and utilise his skills and network to transform Asia’s most innovative gaming software developer, BG Global Gaming, into the legacy it is today.

Fast forward 10 years and as CEO of BG Global Gaming, Sean Shek realised there was something missing. With the recent boom of the bitcoin bonanza and the steady development of the peer to peer blockchain technology. Could this be it?

From extensive research in blockchain technology and collaboration with an extensive network of global gaming professionals, sporting authorities, seed investors and sporting heroes the vision of UniGame was soon to be realised.

As part of the Global One Belt One Road Initiative, to re-live the rich trade and cultural collaboration once seen from the historic Silk Road, UniGame has established offices in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia with headquarters in Thailand, the birthplace of Muay Thai.

The UniGame sports prediction platform and /]UniCoin (UNC)[/URL] token connects the global community of sports fans to their favourite international sporting events and provides an online wager service which utilizes blockchain technology to ensure safe and easy access to the platform and fixed and transparent odds for players.

With intent of showcasing the sporting cultures and events from around the world, UniGame has coverage on major kickboxing, football, and basketball events and has exclusively sports book operating licenses with the International Boxing Federation (IBF), Kunlun Fight, and Glory of Heroes (GOH).

As for the practical application of the UNC, Sean Shek’s objective is to provide an online game focused digital token which is commonly accepted via strategic industry partnerships, with enough stable liquidity to enable circulation throughout the entire online gaming ecosystem.

Sean Shek’s mission for UniGame is clear – to revolutionize the online gaming industry by utilizing blockchain technology to provide a safe, easy access sportsbook platform which is fair and transparent to sports fans all over the world.

Follow UniGame on Facebook:
Follow UniGame on Twitter:
Bitcoin Faucets / [GET] FREE 30$ + 30$ per referral [eib- Wallet ]
« Last post by asn on July 02, 2018, 12:23:24 AM »
GET FREE 30$ + 30$ per referral

1- singup :
2- activate mobile number
3- Every member successful activated mobile number you'll received $30.
We have now 546 members  ;D

100% Ref share

Share amount based on referral activity since last payout  ;)

You can create a new one via my account to join the group.
The more participants the more chance we have. Win win for everyone  ;D

Join Now

It would be nice if you rate me or write a trust or proofs in the thread if u see everything runs fine.
Bitcoin Autosurf / Re: How the bitcoin autosurf works
« Last post by Admin on June 28, 2018, 10:46:01 PM »
Are those still working

Yes, They are still working but we have not been on faucethub for awhile so no one has earned anything by using the autosurf for some time and I apologize about this long dormant time but I'm happy to announce that we will soon have a huge chunk of Bitcoin to fund our autosurf, grid game, more micro jobs AND we plan to relaunch our bitcoin faucet in the near future. We will hold some promotions at the start of the new bitcoin faucet.

Bitcoin Faucets / -- 100 to 100k satoshi Every Hour+ More Ways!
« Last post by mycrypto on June 28, 2018, 01:53:44 AM »



Multicoin(BTC/ETH/DOGE/LTC/DASH etc.,)Faucets +
Daily Lottery+Dice+Multiply Game & other Games!
No minimum-Instant to FH.

A New freebitco like Faucet(From Honest Admin.)
Up to $300 (0.04587619 BTC) Every Hour!
Multiply Game & Lottery

Min.w/d: $1 (14000 sat.)



What Is Catholic Coin?

A blockchain-based charity and non-profit cryptocurrency, Catholiccoin seeks to provide an all-in-one solution to how we donate transparently on the Ethereum Blockchain. We are aware of the disruptive power of Blockchain technology and that the adoption of cryptocurrencies will signifcantly influence how we donate to charity in the future. As a result, Catholiccoin aims to play a tremendous impact in this innovative period of fundraising. Through our ecosystem of services with a user-friendly interface, Catholiccoin connects the non-profit and charity community while enabling traceability and full transparency of donations. Our quest to restructure the fragmented organizational services in the charity and non-profit industry involves an internal exchange mechanism to convert all donations made in cryptocurrencies into Catholiccoin. We have an AI-powered tracker to transparently track donations, a built-in wallet to receive and donate easily, a secure smart contracts template to effectively run fundraising campaigns, and tools to connect donors with the stakeholders in the charity industry.



Founded in 2018 for Catholic investors, our foundation is built upon the bedrock of charitable giving and digital currencies. That’s why we want to leverage blockchain technology in accomplishing various charity driven projects that support good causes and emancipate humanitarian initiatives.

Service Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: GUNBOT- Automatic Profit Generator
« Last post by catholiccoins on June 25, 2018, 07:12:07 PM »
Is this real ?
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