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Author Topic: Start Mining The Best Altcoins For Free (Get More Free Speed Daily)  (Read 1063 times)

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Eobot is the only cloud mining site that I fully trust and they have many great features that you dont see with other providers.

How To Buy Cloud Mining Speed: Also Get Free Speed Below!

Deposit your coins that you want to turn into cloud mining speed

Exchange your coins for cloud mining speed (I recommend getting the "5 year contracts")

FREE Cloud Mining Speed Once EVERYDAY

Step 1: Make sure your account is pointed to "GHS 4.0" before you go to step 2 below.

Step 2: Go to the daily faucet at Products>Faucet in the top menu.

Step 3: Fill in the captcha and click the claim button.

Step 4: Now go back to your account and point your speed at any coin of your choice to mine that coin.

Note: You MUST point your account to "GHS 3.0" before you make the faucet claim to get free mining speed added to your account each day. You will get free mining speed or free depends on what your account is pointed to.

How to collect from some faucets and get the earnings directly in your eobot account.
Then you can use the extra free coins to exchange them for more "GH/s 3.0" 5 year contract speed.

Step 1: Go to your eobot "Deposit" page. Click the "Generate" link for the following coins (Bytecoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin).

Step 2: Copy and paste the deposit addresses into a new text file on your desktop (so you can get the addresses fast when claiming at the faucets below)

Step 3: Visit the faucets below as much as you can and make sure to use the deposit addresses you saved from step 2 above.

Bytecoin Faucets: (You must use the deposit address AND payment ID from your eobot deposit page)  (free bytecoin and bitcoin!)

Dogecoin Faucets:

Litecoin Faucets:

more info coming soon
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