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This is the best CPU coin you can mine right now.


As I know, this is the best CPU coin you can mine now. I think ROI coins are essentially coins that combine all the very good features of many great coins into one coin.

You can mine, stake, term-deposit, buy and sell without needing specialized equipment or advanced technical knowledge.

ROI Coin has many great features that will allow it to be easy to understand and use by people who are not necessarily tech-savvy or experienced in altcoins.

A coin that gives you triple hybrid capabilities:
   POW mining
   POS staking
   Term Deposits.

Staking term deposits whether or not you even have your wallet on.

Standard POS 15 %, 1 Month Deposit 2.40%, 3 Month Deposit 6.28%, 6 Month Deposit 10.65%, 9 Month Deposit 14.26%, 1 Year Deposit 18.07%.

Low inflation rate and great community.Solid wallet versions built for Windows, Linux, and MAC.

For people with limited internet you can stake your coins, then print out a paper wallet and delete the computer wallet.

Reimport that paper wallet when you are ready and you'll have the initial balance + full interest payout. 

This coin is safe and easy to use.for more info you can simply visit at


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