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Author Topic: - We Make Trading In Cryptocurrencies Easier & More Profitable  (Read 1367 times)

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Did you know that 95% of crypto traders lose money? Sleepless nights, lack of consistency, poor strategy are gone now. We provide institutional-grade AI-generated crypto trading signals. High accuracy, easy to follow, proven track record.

Test our free crypto signals now & join the 5% of successful traders here:

How does it work ?

Our platform archives the crypto assets historical data, absorb the news feed, generate trading signals in real-time and finally make the decision to buy, sell or hold.
The AI engine makes use of Technical Analysis, Sentiment Analysis along with our 10 unique strategies, to make the most accurate predictions of the market using Machine Learning.
Not available in the beta but coming soon, our bots based on these signals will trade automatically on third-party exchanges using your own accounts.

We are developing an automatic trading platform in cryptocurrencies driven by AI. We have released our MVP in early November (only for trading signal part) and are in the beta test phase with the first users since then. Our Strategies which are developed completely in-house are performing very well for the Binance and Bitmex exchanges.

Trading signals generated by AI for traders. This Beta is Free until 31/12/2020. Our automated trading bots are coming in Q1 2020. After registration all of our trackrecords are visible.

We are currently being incubated at CentraleSupélec in Paris, France, in the top 3 of French engineering schools, and we have won several awards in Europe.

Visit here for more info:

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