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Author Topic: How proved that it is not a scam!  (Read 1135 times)

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How proved that it is not a scam!
« on: October 17, 2019, 08:14:38 AM »
When Bitcoin was launched as a cryptocurrency, it wasn't so easy to understand how it works. The system was complex to be followed by everyday users. This led to speculations that it might be a scam. It is a common misunderstanding that happens when people are unable to understand some technology or innovation.

Cryptocurrencies are volatile. The value or worth of them changes drastically over time. This somehow relates to those rich quick schemes where you invest a little, and the output is enormous. This is one of the reasons cryptocurrencies or related technology might be considered as scam.  Although it is a fact that a few people got rich by their small investments, such as in case of bitcoin, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a scam., a decentralized social media network is one of the innovative developments in blockchain technology. was considered as a scam by a few people. We will discuss the complete platform and will see if there is anything that makes suspicious or scam. Learn more: - An Overview is one of the unique ecosystems, having integrated social media, cryptocurrency, and a market place where users could buy from companies or each other. A platform integrating such amazing features raised some eyebrows, and user thought it might be a scam. The main goal of is to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem for the users and the advertisers. – Features Overview comprises primarily of five main modules:
•    Social network (meNetwork) – Users interacting over distributed social media platform.
•    Marketplace (meMarket) – Buying and selling platform for users.
•    Payment Service (mePay) – Payment service to make safe and secure online purchases.
•    Wallet Service (meWallet) – Digital wallet to store and manage digital transactions.
•    Cryptocurrency (ME Token) – The network has its digital currency for transactions.

Innovations related to cryptocurrencies which use ICO as funding source are usually considered as scam as ICO's are risky. Some users associated this with platform, so they considered as a scam. – Detailed Review
Now that we have discussed an overview of, we haven't found anything suspicious yet. Let's discuss the platform features in complete detail so we can conclude the platform. Social Media
One of the best features has is its social media. Like traditional social media, a user could interact with one another on the platform. You must be thinking about how it is different from other social media. Well, the thing that makes unique is that you could earn revenue from just being a user on the platform. You could create your impact on the platform by creating good content and gathering like-minded followers around you. The more followers you have more is the chance that you will get high rewards from the platform.

Influencer Friendly Platform
When social media hit its fame, the term influencer came into existence. A talented individual who had some talent to be showcased put up their work on mainstream social media. In return, they got followers and fame. The platform itself never rewarded these individuals for their talent or overall activity on the platform., on the other hand, rewards talented users.
Users are encouraged to use the platform and gather followers. Then through a mutually beneficial ecosystem, the platform rewards the users based on their activity on the platform. Users could earn up to 50% of the revenue share. These features genuinely indicate the is a legit platform and not a scam at all.

Integrated Payment Service
The platform offers Fintech solution that combines blockchain technology with the network. ME is a virtual currency used in the system to make the payments. You don't need to add any external payment service as ME is easy to use digital currency integrated in the system.
You can easily create a mePay account to make your safe and secure online transactions. Users can also get a payment card to help them in their transactions. This feature makes it easy for the user as they don't need to add and external source of payment and could use network-integrated payment. This makes the network relatively safe from scam attempts.

Buy and Sell in MeMarket has its market that allows selling between users to users and from user to business. The rewards could be used in meMarket for buying the required products. Additionally, users could also discuss the product and its features. Payments can be made using mePay. Users who are influencers with a good amount of followers can recommend products to their followers. This is how an ecosystem is built between users and the network.
These kinds of features is what makes a trusted platform and not a scam.

Wallet to Store and Transfer Currency wallet is one of the amazing features. With meWallet, you will be able to get rewards in the wallet. This is done monthly. You will be rewarded based on your activity on the platform, and the rewards will be transferred in your wallet that is created and attached to your profile. ME, the virtual currency of the platform could also be transferred to Ethereum wallets. Wallet is personal to each individual and is safe in the platform. proved that it is not a scam!
Now that we have entirely observed the platform itself and its features. We could finally discuss is a scam or not. Interestingly while using and observing the features offered by the platform, we see that at every element the platform is trying its best to ensure the security of it, e.g., integrated payment methods, ME currency and the market for legit buying and selling among users makes it a safe platform. If the network would've been a scam, there will be very fewer security measures, and the network would've relied on third parties. Also, is a decentralized network meaning it is not under some central authority. These kinds of features and security measure prove that is a completely safe platform and not a scam.


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How all me proved that it is not a scam
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2020, 08:29:00 PM »
Yes, used that site...the good thing is if u want to go to town with HAL sounds its easy to add to the skin by the end user.

Animations...Steven/Wes are sorting that out, blinking lights and what not...i will then integrate them into the skin, send it to Wes to test out and then baring any tweaks it will get released to V3 users.