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Author Topic: The best way to sell photos, illustrations and artwork online.  (Read 95 times)

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I think BIRDLANCE wants to be one of the best online marketplaces for photos, illustrations and artwork. It also protects the intellectual property of photographers and graphic designers by reporting all types of piracy and certifying copyright.

Blockchain technology
The immutable property of a blockchain for proof of authorship.

As I know, BIRDLANCE is trying to provide a solution for online stock image management and photo authenticity management.

This is great you can sell your photos and protect them.Decide the price of the photo and start selling. Their reverse image search and AI can monitor your photos and even restore derived works.

Freedom over price
You decide the price of your pictures, not themus.

85% of images uploaded to the internet are used without permission. Our AI searches for matches online and notifies you when a new match is found.

Send takedown notices.

Convert your BLNC
Sell your BLNC back to buyers.

I think this is the best place for online marketplace for pictures, illustrations and artwork .

For more details you can simply visit at Website Link:
Telegram Group:
Facebook Link:
Twitter Link:
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