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Author Topic: Great investment opportunities from pltokenwallet.  (Read 879 times)

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Great investment opportunities from pltokenwallet.
« on: July 27, 2019, 06:19:02 AM »

I think this is a really useful site.Start only from $500 valued cryptocurrency! Unlike other wallets, they make money with an automatic arbitrage system called AI Dog.

As I know, an increase of about 0.3% (interest rate of about 10% every month) every day regardless of the currency market price.You get paid DAILY on around 12:00(GMT+8),Profit is received in the currency of PLUS.

No limit at deposit and withdraw.

You can convert your earning(plus) to BTC,XRP,EOS immediately and send to any where any time! Generally, it will be arrived in around 5 minutes depends of speed of confirmation from blochchain you can turn off the Al Dog anytime & withdraw your coin to anywhere at same time no wait , no limit at al Note: within 28 days , there is a redemption fee of 5% & 1% after 28 days.

How to convert PLUS and withdraw profit.

When you get your profit as PLUS,click plus then choose convert,you can convert to BTC,XRP,EOS at current price,input plus quantity,trade password then done!

In order to withdraw asset,you need to complete real name authentication,it will complete in seconds!Now you can send your BTC,XRP,or EOS to anywhere you want.Generally tt will arrive in minutes depends on speed of confirmation on blockchain.

The real way to make your cryptocurrency more profitable and more secure. Daily interest 0.3% monthly interest 10 % and Paid Daily on time!

So you can visit at