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Author Topic: Every day at 12:00 (GMT + 8), the profit is received in the PLUS currency.  (Read 129 times)

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The real way to make your cryptocurrency more profitable and more secure. Daily interest 0.3%,monthly interest 10 % and Paid Daily on time!

Start only from $500 valued cryptocurrency! Unlike other wallets, they make money with an automatic arbitrage system called AI Dog.

   Increase by about 0.3% daily(about 10% monthly interest rate) regardless of the market price   of the currency.
   You get paid DAILY on around 12:00(GMT+8),Profit is received in the currency of PLUS.
    PLUS can be converted to BTC,XRP,EOS inside of wallet immediately anytime
   Minimum amount per AI Dog is $500 USD per coin,Maximum amount is $50K USD per account.
   You can turn off the AI Dog and withdraw your cryptocurrency anytime.

How to activate AI-Dog to start earning?

After registration,you can find your cryptocurrency asset in main page,select a coin you want to activate AI-Dog,like BTC,click BTC,then click deposit to generate a new address,send BTC to the address on your screen.

After get your BTC,click”I”and”AI-Dog”,find BTC and then click activate,input the number and trade password,then you done!You will get profit next day!

So you can visit at