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dellimeee: is one of the oldest faucets around. It's actually the first faucet that introduced me to bitcoin.

There are 5 ways you can earn bitcoin here.

1. Free BTC every hour to collect. You can claim up to $ 200 even! Which is amazing! But I guess, chances are slim.
2. It doubles as a savings account. If your account reaches 30K satoshi you can earn interest from the very first day.
3. Lottery every week!
4. Referral - they have a very generous referral program, but it's not mandatory.

And finally,

5. The Hi Lo Game!

This game will be the death of me. I don't recommend it for the weak of heart. Because honestly, I hold my breath every time I play it.
You have two options: to play manual or auto bet. I highly recommend to always play the manual betting. So you could control your betting, but auto bet gives you the thrill and the courage ( Hah! ) you normally wouldn't have playing manual.
You can start small and find your comfort zone. Always remember though, this is betting. It's not a guaranteed win all the time.

The Hi Lo Game is actually very addicting. You could double, triple, or just simply multiply your btc fast.. or lose it all entirely.
Question is.. are you willing to take the risk?

Only gamble what you can afford to lose & always know when to stop
My round for tonight..

Just curious.. What was the base bet and the odds?

is there any way to high percentage of winning? like script or else?


--- Quote from: akhjob on September 27, 2017, 01:31:16 PM ---Just curious.. What was the base bet and the odds?

--- End quote ---

Hmm. Base bet always 1 satoshi. Odds 3 or 3.8. Increase loss by 60%. Or whatever you're comfortable with. Though betting manual is always best


--- Quote from: krad858858 on October 01, 2017, 10:18:55 PM ---is there any way to high percentage of winning? like script or else?

--- End quote ---

Not that I'm aware of though a lot of people are selling a script. I just don't trust them


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