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How to earn higher ranks in the forum (Jr member, Full member, Sr member)


You will earn new rankings for your forum account based on post count. View the chart below.

RankStarsMin PostsNewbie0 PostsJr. Member40 PostsFull Member150 PostsSr. Member300 PostsHero Member1000 PostsForum DonorBuy Upgrade

You can also Upgrade Your Forum Account to "Forum Donor" and get special benefits!

Member Rank Perks 
You will earn extra free benefits as you move up the ranks!

RankPerkNewbieNoneJr. MemberNoneFull MemberOne Month Text Ad SpaceSr. MemberTwo Month Text Ad SpaceHero MemberOne Lifetime Banner Ad SpaceForum DonorOne Lifetime Banner Ad Space & Two Lifetime Text ad Spaces

Just get to the forum rank and send me a PM to claim your ad space.

You can use the ad spaces to promote any of your referral links or promote your own website or blog.

New member rank perks have been added!

They can help you to earn a lot more bitcoin from referrals or get great traffic to your own website(s).


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