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Title: How does work?
Post by: nelly333 on September 01, 2019, 10:19:16 PM
This is great you can sell your photos and protect them. Decide the price of the photo and start selling. Their reverse image search and AI can monitor your photos and even restore derived works.

Birdlance has the ambition to become one of the best online market places for imagery content while also protecting the intellectual property of  Photographers and Graphic Designers by being able to prove authorship and report copyright infringement of any kind.

How to Claim Birdlance Airdrops

   Register on the Birdlance website.
   Verify Your Email.
   Create a Birdlance wallet in the account / dashboard menu.
   Follow the Birdlance Telegram channel.
   Follow Twitter Birdlance.
   Follow Facebook Birdlance.
   Fill in the Airdrop Form.

Crypto currency
Crypto currency in this context refers to decentralized digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BLNC, etc

FIAT Currency
Fiat Currency refers to traditional, government-backed money, such as dollars,Pounds and euros

Royalties mean any profits due to a creator from the commercial exploitation of a Piece or unit of image art.

I think this is the best place for online marketplace for pictures, illustrations and artwork .

For more details you can simply visit at Website Link:
Telegram Group:
Facebook Link:
Twitter Link: