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Author Topic: So what are your thoughts on USA President Donald Trump?  (Read 4889 times)

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So what are your thoughts on USA President Donald Trump?
« on: August 22, 2017, 11:19:32 PM »
I am curious to hear your thoughts about the current USA President Donald J Trump.

I'm a full "Trump supporter" and have been since the first day he announced he was running for president and I am so happy that he won. I know this is a touchy subject for some people but most of the hate or dislike for President Trump is from misguided information that is spread by almost every single TV show I have seen lately. I have done my research on Trump and he really did this to help his country (The USA) and not for any other reason than to "Make America Great Again".

Since the very start of his presidency he has been fighting with the "Swamp in Washington D.C." because they are still pissed that he won the election and now they will slow him as much as they can. They do this just because they don't like him?...   It makes me sick.

If people would just stop fighting and start working together, with Trump as a leader we would be better than we ever have been because through that flashy personality is a very smart business man that knows how to work with everything at once in order to achieve multiple goals.  He would get more done in one term than ANY other president in the past (but the dem's and media keep going against him).

I can talk for days but i want to hear your thoughts.

...oh by the way, I'm not racist at all and I love to help people (from all over the world)  ;)

The media image of a "trump supporter" is very bad and not true at all. They just do that to make more and more people join the "other side".

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