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Author Topic: Upgrade Your Forum Account  (Read 7271 times)

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Upgrade Your Forum Account
« on: January 15, 2016, 09:56:15 PM »
Upgrade Your Forum Account

When you upgrade your forum account to donor level,
Your username will show with a green color and your member rank will go to forum donor and your rank will look like this ( )

As a forum donor you will also get full access to all forum sections. (We plan to add a donor only area very soon)

You can upgrade your forum account to "donor level" by sending a donation below.
*All donations are used to keep the forum and our sister sites online as well as help us to improve and expand our services. Thank you for your support!

Send any one time donation of 0.001 or more using the bitcoin (btc) address below.


After your donation is sent, just send me a PM with your payment email address and I will upgrade your forum rank.

Thank you for your support! 💝
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