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Author Topic: [ANN] ►►► Land of Trusted Faucets ◄◄◄ ★ Confirmed Paying Faucets! ★  (Read 4040 times)

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After more than 1 month of development ::), Landoffaucets has unveiled a new site for its faucet claimers/owners in the world. 8)

“Confirmed Paying Faucets!”

Simply visit the site, browse around and claim your coins and don’t forget to support us !

To make the website a success I need your help. How can you help me. Please contact me for the following adjustments:

  • Dead links
  • New faucets
  • Changed faucets
  • ...

Land of Trusted Faucets

  • Logo & Banners
  • Post rating system for faucets
  • ...

Logo & Banners

Feedback appreciated ;)

Best regards,
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Very good the page that contributes much information on the croptocoin I like that that is not so much ads very good


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any proof this site has paid