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Title: WARNING: Please Read Before Using The Forum!
Post by: Admin on January 14, 2016, 09:31:28 PM
Welcome to BitcoinsBest Club Forum!

Our main goal is to provide an open bitcoin forum with no moderation of the posts.

This is an open discussion board for ANYONE to come and share your thoughts and ideas so we can make a better (more connected) bitcoin community. You can post here without the worry of having your posts deleted or being banned.

With that said...

You MUST Be Smart And "Do Your Homework" before you make any purchases from a post on this forum.

We will only be removing flat out spam (like posts about nike shoes with nothing to do with bitcoin or crypto coins) but scams will post on this forum (because we don't moderate the forums) so please be smart and please point out a scam (with proof) so others will not fall victim to the scammers.

Enjoy your stay