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BlockChain Lotteries is a completely new and transparent Bitcoin gambling site that bases its drawing system on the unique, random and unpredictable numbers used by Miners to generate new valid Blocks: the NONCE numbers( newbielink: [nonactive] ).

Long story short, on BlockChain Lotteries there are no internal drawings for your bets, but everything happens transparently and independently on the Bitcoin BlockChain, where you can directly and easily verify your bet.. and we cannot influence the bet in any way since results are dependent on Nonce which are random and public.

(1) Choose Your lottery style and numbers, then Buy a Ticket

(2) Wait for your BTC Transaction to reach 1 Confirmation

(3) Check the Nonce number of the Block where you BTC Transaction is included: these are your Winning Numbers!!!

So, for example, if your are betting on Lottery 999 and your Bet Transaction gets included in Block# 438565, just click on this Block and check on the BlockChain its unique Nonce Number last 3 digits  
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Winnings are sent promply as the result is verified, which takes a couple of seconds.

Note : Do not send deposit from any exchange or mixer because we pay winnings to the address from which we received the deposit.

Have fun betting at BlockchainLotteries and we always reward our loyal gamblers.

  Provably Fair Blockchain based lottery

  Choose Your own numbers

  Instant bets and payouts

  Nonce based game

  Friendly support with 100% customer satisfaction

  Regular giveaways