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Author Topic: Transaction confusion  (Read 342 times)

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Transaction confusion
« on: April 27, 2017, 08:18:51 PM »
I hope someone can set me straight. I stared a wallet earlier this month with these two transactions.

-0.17546656 BTC    to address 177AnkPzv12EWThJEQq4iSDC3W5EZUtfPR [txid]

-0.009 BTC    to address 177AnkPzv12EWThJEQq4iSDC3W5EZUtfPR [txid]
They arrived all was well.

I sent out this (Mind you I know I screwed up the Transaction fee amount, that is where my problem begins)
Status: 0/unconfirmed, in memory pool
Date: 4/23/17 07:06 
To: 177AnkPzv12EWThJEQq4iSDC3W5EZUtfPR
 Debit: -0.13399774 BTC
Transaction fee: -0.00000226 BTC 
Net amount: -0.13400000 BTC
 Transaction ID: c8effd35b1f05b0ff74bb1946df9adfcba685495e9bb5f243f72c0755e38f182 
Transaction total size: 226 bytes
Output index: 1

I tried closing the wallet and re-placed the wallet.dat with the backed up wallet.dat  (the wallet backup before this was sent) to hopefully resend with a higher transaction fee (I am on OSX)
when my wallet re-synced. the unconfirmed transaction was no longer there but 2 other transactions appeared that I did not make.

TRUE   2017-04-07T15:50:22   Sent to      1EJFi2ivgcjTpXqg6Kz2st91h4qyf7weLF   -0.17732902   ec62fe6efdc749bf453fe5c1736d7cb514fe8c9c567de9f95a0a3bf04b5b01bc
TRUE   2017-04-07T15:50:22   Sent to      1LDFuin4Hbue4yYAkYNPd1jTZp8qNYRYBj   -0.00567098   ec62fe6efdc749bf453fe5c1736d7cb514fe8c9c567de9f95a0a3bf04b5b01bc

I know I have synced my wallet a few times between my initial deposit and the one I sent, and those other 2 transactions where not there.
Real confused can some one explain?