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Author Topic: Make money by reversing all your bitcoin Payments (This only works in Blockchain  (Read 591 times)

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I'm really exited to share this with my fellow bitcoinsbest member.

First of all this is something that will last long, except if bitcoin network introduce a reversal option into the system.

See Proof Screenshot below

I can reverse any of your bitcoin transactions by three (3) times for 20% share.

If you have ever sent any payment from to any wallet address and you want to reverse this transaction, I can help you with that, just make sure the balance of the wallet address you transferred to  is up to the amount that was transferred.

Here's how it works.

1. If you send any amount from to any other wallet provider.

2. Wait for it to reflect in the receiver's wallet.

3. Do not wait for any confirmation before you contact me.

4. Do not worry if there's any confirmations (this still works)

4. The most surprising part of it is that the amount transferred still remain in the receiver's wallet account.

Again I tried this with different wallets this morning see proof screenshot again

If you're interested here's how to contact me:

ICQ: 720778044

Do not leave a message in messenger just contact me with email or ICQ

NOTE: If you want to learn this I can surely provide you the tools and a PDF guide.

But please note I can't do this for Ethereum and Bitcoin cash.

I'm still working on coinbase and xapo wallets. Hope to get this soon.


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I ask for permission to publish this story. I think it is interesting and very important.