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Author Topic: Check This Out >> You can help us while also earning more bitcoin for yourself!  (Read 758 times)

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Hi ladies and gentlemen,  I am making this thread in hopes to build a team of loyal users to help us achieve a crazy goal...

I want as many people as possible to follow the steps below and if we get enough people to do it, We will soon become the highest paying free bitcoin website online!  ;D

The overall goal:

Our overall goal is to win a very big bitcoin lottery that is run on a very popular and legit bitcoin faucet site and whatever we win from the lottery will all be given away through our dice faucet and bitcoin grid games as well as help us to create new free bitcoin games for all users to earn more free bitcoin. 

How to make the goal come true:

In order for us to win a good prize from this famous lottery, we need to get millions of tickets to even have a shot at winning but here is the trick... We earn lottery tickets every time one of our referrals claims the free bitcoin from the sites faucet (once an hour). Now, if we get enough active referrals claiming from the faucet, then we will get tons of tickets in the lottery and our chances to win the top prize (up to 4 bitcoin) will go way way up!

Now join our team and help us to become the highest paying free bitcoin site online!

Step 1: Join these famous bitcoin faucets: (Only join if you are new to the faucet)

*make sure to use the above links so you are added to our team!

Step 2: Now make sure to bookmark the faucet sites so you can get to them easy and then just start claiming as much as you can (once an hour at the most) and with each claim, you will be helping us to win the big prize and ALL of it will be shared with our loyal site visitors through our dice faucet, grid game and giveaways.

Also as a side note, you can win up to $200 worth of bitcoin each time you make a faucet claim on the freebitcoin site!  :o 

Please post here just to let us know you joined our team.  ;)

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