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GPU Monero Mining


Hey Folks,

if you have a good GPU you could try out Mining with a Pool. This is how i do it :

Im GPU Mining with Nanopool.

First you need to make yourself a Monero XMR Wallet. You need to find one that fits you as there are different Wallets out there ( Hotwallet, Exchanges, Paper Wallet, Hardware Wallet ect. )

Go to    https://xmr.nanopool.org/  and click on ''HELP'' If you have an AMD Card Download the Claymore Exe. If you're having a Nvidia Card, Download tsiv miner.

Follow the steps for the respective Programm. Should be easy to follow. For Nvidia Users i can recommend this Youtube Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXxD4hA2NtE&t=210s

Never tried the Claymore one, but will test it out soon.

For a better overview over you GPU, install ''GPU-Z'', you can see detailed infos about your GPU, like temperature, fanspeed, powerusage ect.

If you follow the Video, you should be ready to go, and can start mining your first Moneroshi's.

For testing purpose, im mining with 3 different PC's. But im building my first Mining Rig with 8 GPU's.

I will make a ''How-to'' soon when im finished building.

You wont get rich by just Mining with your Computer, but it will give you a feeling and better understanding for what Mining really is. If you're already Browser Mining, this would be a nice addition. Although B-Mining will always use your CPU. You can ofc Nanopool Mining with one of those CPU programms, but i dont really like that way and didnt test it yet.

I hope this helps a little. Post your experience if you try it out :) 

Happy Mining Cy | Kami

Nice post ;)

After all these years, I still haven't started any real mining (like with a rig) and I wish I did. This post just might be the thing that finally makes me invest in some nice GPU's. Do you know of any good places to buy the parts?

I would use it to mine some altcoins just to save and forget about them.

I have a friend that has free electricity so I will see if i can run it at his place...so then everything I mine will be profit.

Glad it can help out.  Three years ago i asked a ''friend'' what he thinks about mining, as he was a highly educated computer scientist i thought his opinion would matter. What a dumb decision i made :/  He said this has no future, back then BTC price was around 150 $. So yeah, i regret that i didnt start there and listen to someone else. But i have learned not to listen to haters.

As i live in switzerland i cant really recon you a good place to buy your stuff :) But i got mine from www.digitec.ch

PS.: I have started to ''double mine'', my 2nd currency i mine now is VTC Vertcoin. Very easy to get started with the OCM ( one click miner). I think i will do a Tutorial about it on here.

good information you offer for mr crypto, i now have enter site nanopool.for learn more these new good information...but i dont undesrand this your talk .....
PS.: I have started to ''double mine'', my 2nd currency i mine now is VTC Vertcoin. Very easy to get started with the OCM ( one click miner)....

I believe that the story mentioned in this can create.


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