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Author Topic: Valorbit | VAL | | Valorbit coins Distributed By Humans  (Read 2250 times)

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Original topic-
Coin name: Valorbit   
Symbol: VAL

The Valorbit coin is Distributed By Humans (DBH)

    Socially distributed by you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and over email.
    You have the power to decide who gets more not just some mining hardware.
    Deservedly get valorbit referral rewards from your Valorbit coin Network.

Step 1 :  Get a signup gift from or from friends.
You can get a gift even after you signup with email.

Signup now using this special link

Step 2 : Collect the gifts
The gifts are denominated in valorbits and can be collected anytime by adding Facebook to your account.
Gift valuation is higher for SMS verified Facebook accounts.

Step 3 : Receive valorbits for collected gifts, some instantly and some over time
You get a Valorbit address , just like on Bitcoin, and valorbits are transferred daily to your addresses.
Right now you can access the received valorbits outside of only by importing the private key into the Valorbit desktop wallet ( File->Import).
Web based transfers will be added asap.

Step 4: Get more valorbits sharing gifts with friends by email and on social networks 
Sharing on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are supported at the moment.
You get credited with a gifting pool of valorbits to share gifts with friends.
Track your valorbit marketing campaigns on all distribution channels (clicks, signups, collections ).

The higher your trust level on the larger your gifting pool.
Add Facebook for increased trust levels.

Step 5: Friends collect gifts with Facebook to receive valorbits.
Just press the [ Collect with Facebook ] button after your login to

Step 6: You get referral rewards for the gifts that your invited friends collect.
Ultimately this is how you can make a lot more than just the signup gifts.
You are distributing valorbit coins to humans and that is something worth rewarding.
You only get referrals from directly invited friends whom collect the gift with Facebook.
Watch your gifts and referrals fully vest into your account and give the market a bit of time to assign VALue to your contribution to the Valorbit coin network.

Gift reward multiplier
Both you and your friends get a gift reward multiplier for collecting with SMS verified Facebook.
Activate at any time by adding SMS verification to your Facebook account and signing into you account using Facebook.

Once activated the reward multiplier applies to all gifts, past and future.
You do not loose anything by adding it at a later time ( other than time of course ).

You can mine valorbits in classic PoW(scrypt) and PoS(2%) modes.
These supported distributions are however secondary by volume to the DBH method.


Primary distribution platform

Official Wallets

Digitally signed wallet
MacOSX 64 bits

Wallets not yet digitally signed

    Windows 32 and 64 bits
    Ubuntu 64 bits

Source code (GitHub)

CPU miner
Work in progress :-)

Working on getting this young coin on the exchanges.

Technical aspects

Understood By Humans
Valorbit humanely uses just 2 decimal digits.
E.g. : VAL 9.12

Primary distribution method
1% pre-mine Distributed By Humans over email and social networks.
You have the power to decide who gets more not just some mining hardware.
You get valorbit referral rewards from your invitees network.

Secondary distribution methods:
2% PoS annual interest
128 years of PoW Scrypt mining

Valorbit (Un)Block Explorer  ( ABE based )

Block time= 4 minutes
Coinbase maturity = 250 blocks
Minimum PoS age = 8 hours
Default port=8338
Default RPC port = 8339

PoW block awards

    Year 0   :   50 000 VAL
    Year 1   : 100 000 VAL
    Year 2   : 200 000 VAL
    Year 3+ : 400 000 VAL

Max Money

Because of using only 2 decimal digits the
92 233 720 000 000 000  VAL

The premine is 1%

and the current money supply is
     922 338 021 654 889 VAL

As notsofast made a good point below, this would translate in the world of 8 decimal bitcoin as 922 millions.
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supply that many